Sizzling Cutie: Meryl Hathaway

One only has to glance at the small screen to be enthused with divine actresses such as funny woman Meryl Hathaway. She’s making a sparkling impression this week on “2 Broke Girls” as Rachael, a woman who hits it off with Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) at the Williamsburg Diner. Hilarity ensues when Meryl’s character Rachael invites Caroline to a party and she jumps at the … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Meryl Hathaway

TV Vixens To Crave in 2015

1. Romina D’Ugo in “12 Monkeys” – With her role as Max in the new series “12 Monkeys” being lauded as being an Apocalyptic crush, we already envision her being a most endearing turn-on for sci-fi fans! Watch her in the 3rd episode “Cassandra Complex” and many will be wishing she returns for more! – As the woman of the future where in the present … Continue reading TV Vixens To Crave in 2015