Rising Starlet: Angela DiMarco

Luminously eye-catching Angela DiMarco has the sereneness to garner plenty of affection and she’s a formidable talent too. Here is a captivator who can excel in any genre and with the DVD release of her absorbing sci-fi horror tale “The Device” in March, Angela is set to thrill us. “The Device” tells of 2 estranged sisters who stumble upon what seems like an alien object … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Angela DiMarco

Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 16 Dec 2014

1. Kaitlyn Black, Aynsley Bubbico & Mallory Moye in “Hart Of Dixie” https://vimeo.com/90141278 – These triple threat of talented cuties are the reason why we’re so hot for TV and they are back in Season 4 to enchant with utmost grace every week. – Couldn’t help but noticed that here is a trifecta of gorgeous women who happen to be a brunette, blonde and redhead. … Continue reading Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 16 Dec 2014