Newport Beach Film Fest Hottie Special: Indie Princess Julianne Bianchi


I haven’t had a chance to catch quirky comedy “A Bag Of Hammers” which is screening as we speak but most certainly the actresses in it are ultra-endearing. It gives me great pleasure to introduce JULIANNE BIANCHI who has a supporting role alongside perennial cuties Rebecca Hall and Amanda Seyfried. Although Amanda and JULIANNE are not in the trailer (above), I think it’s a ploy to get us to take a trip to Newport to fixate on these beauties since there’s about two days left to experience the film festival. I love the spirit shown by women of independent cinema as they are living the dream every single day. Everyone knows I’m going to be rooting for Blue-Eyed Blondes like JULIANNE who herself is a natural charmer. Check her out as a helicopter pilot in “The Incredible Bulk” (above), cleverly employing CG/Green Screen effects that while may not win awards, will garner a following just like the intentionally bad it’s so good Eagle-Infested “Birdemic”. The landscape of film-making is shifting its emphasis towards creative expression and it’s great to see JULIANNE playing her part in it.

Competition is rife but I’m impressed that diversity is being celebrated in HollywoodLand by valuing upcoming actresses and giving them a fair share of roles. You may have already seen JULIANNE in several short films as well as the under-rated serial killer flick “Basement Jack” and she even appeared at the very start of “Homecoming”, an episode of TV sitcom “The Middle”. Expect to hear about her in the spotlight after the exposure JULIANNE will receive from festival fave “A Bag Of Hammers”. I would rate her as one of the most likable personalities in LA…:)