Canadian Vixen: Angela Besharah

A Multi-Talented thesp, ANGELA BESHARAH is slated to beguile a generation of TV Viewers with her beauty and boldness onscreen. As the gorgeous yet intimidating Jobina, she’s at her most strikingly enticing and joins the delectable cast of the third Season of “Lost Girl”. The Showcase series has got raunchier ever since Bo (Anna Silk) turned evil and let’s hope ANGELA’s persona Jobina is here … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Angela Besharah

Canadian Vixen: Jane Moffat

With her ability to shine in a wealth of roles, JANE MOFFAT is credibly authentic when it comes to fleshing out a varying range of characters. Her recurring role as Sandra Bell on “Alphas” sees her as the overprotective mother of Gary who we all know is extraordinary yet behaviorally flawed. The mechanics of her relationship with her son is both plausible and complicated in … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Jane Moffat