Rising Starlet: Ileana Huxley

It’s great to see fresh faces make their mark on television and the very attractive Ileana Huxley is poised to be in our adoring sights. She’s starring in “Shameless” which returns for its 4th season in all its gritty comedic glory with her scene being as racy as the topless ironing by Veronica Fisher (Shanola Hampton) in a previous season. By far, one of the … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Ileana Huxley

TV Vixen: Lisa Long

LISA LONG should be raved about especially since her appearances on television over the years are satisfyingly fascinating. I have the utmost respect for LISA as she joins the likes of Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton in un-glamorizing themselves for the mundane, simplistic nature of their characters. LISA guest-stars as Scotty, a lesbian who together with William H. Macy’s Frank Gallagher try to work through … Continue reading TV Vixen: Lisa Long