TIFF 2015 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Sara Botsford


Captivation and Canadian talents go hand-in-hand so it’s a given that Sara Botsford continues to be a focus of avidity. Testament to her versatility and engaging presence, she is a Gemini Award recipient for her work on television in the series “ENG”. This week on the big screen, she plays Dr. Stephanie Novella who goes a little authoritarian on John Lake (leading man Rossif Sutherland) in “River” screening at Toronto Film Fest 2015. Sometimes doing good deeds don’t really deserve another and for John Lake, his intervention in preventing a rape results in him being accused of murdering the alleged assailant. Set in Laos, this sweaty chase movie will thrill from start to finish! In keeping with her penchant for embodying sharp-tongue characters such as her famed role as journalist Anne Hildebrandt, she is every bit the boss in “River” and puts her unfortunate subordinate John to the sword in “River”, a foreboding of sorts for what’s in store for him.

Before we point out the perception of dwindling roles for middle-aged women in movies and television, longevity is definitely one of her strong suits. She’s already worked with Christina Ricci in “Lizzie Borden Took an Ax” and was recently on the Amazon series “Bosch”. Sara once quipped in an interview of how she would be the only living actress without a facelift and that work will start pouring in because the industry is going to need old broads with their real faces. With her indomitable and serene spirit, there’ll be plenty of parts for her to put her definitive mark on. Sara’s an immaculate performer with all the tenets for adoration.

TIFF 2015 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Eva Bourne


The Darlings of Canada are fast catching our eye every which way and it’s no surprise that audiences will adore the comely Eva Bourne. In Season 2 of the drama series “When Calls The Heart”, she played Clara Stanton, the widow of Peter, the son of Abigail Stanton (Lori Loughlin). With her star on the rise, expect her to dazzle in her upcoming feature “The Girl in the Photographs” which screens at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival 2015. This horror thriller does have a very yummy cast which includes Katharine Isabelle and Christy Carlson Romano so Eva most certainly adds allure to this film that sees a woman receiving photographs of other murdered women. Is this a hoax or is there a Scream-like killer in the midst of the supposedly sleepy community called Spearfish?

Eva also guest-starred in “Once Upon A Time” as Princess Eva who is based on the much loved storybook character Snow White. Seeing how she’s also been on hits such as “Motive” and “Falling Skies”, one can see her taking a leading role in an upcoming show in the near future. While we’ve seen the cream of Hollywood muscling in on the action on the small screen, there’s still room for enchanters such as Eva to become a favourite for TV addicts. She has a genial quality ala Emmy Rossum whom we all know made a huge impact on TV which could be the medium which thrusts Eva into the limelight. Add to that her ventures on film and you have an actress who is on her way to be the embodiment of attractive grace.