Rising Starlet: Tali Custer

2013 has truly been the year of the sweethearts and TALI CUSTER is set to move hearts with her serene sensuality. In “Heaven Is Now”, she plays Penny, the object of affection of Mira and their relationship brings about a tale of trippy proportions. The deviant Penny’s love for Mira sparks a journey of outlandish discovery much like how often passion between two people result … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Tali Custer

Quirky Saucy: Laura Heisler

If you’re looking for emotional intimation tellingly portrayed by a fine talent then LAURA HEISLER lives up to the billing with a distinguishing richness. Whether it’s on stage or film, she’s a whiz at underscoring human consternations and she accomplishes that very feat on the indie thriller “YellowBrickRoad”. The flood of volatile feelings she essays as theatre snack bar worker Liv is as intense as … Continue reading Quirky Saucy: Laura Heisler