Blonde Bombshell: Eugenia Kuzmina

Avid followers must already be swooning at the sight of the potently sexy actress/model/comedienne Eugenia Kuzmina. With it being Thanksgiving, it’s a blessed day indeed to be in contact and write about women like Eugenia who have so many indelibly, attractive qualities. Having sizzled on the covers of Vogue, Marie Claire as well as Cosmopolitan, Eugenia most notably teased us by showing skin in GQ … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Eugenia Kuzmina

Rising Starlet: Valenzia Algarin

Photogenic and curvaceous, Valenzia Algarin is a definite must when it comes to showing gushes of affection. She will be fawn over in a big way when the series “Black Jesus” premieres this week (Aug 7) on Adult Swim with her starring as Detective Dianne Vasquez. Valenzia is the epitome of a hot women in uniform and would certainly add spice in this new live-action … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Valenzia Algarin