Cutest Belles Hot List

JENNIFER PRETTYMAN Why She’s A Cutie: With the phrase ‘PRETTY’ in her name, it’s destined that Jennifer Prettyman would become one of the most attractive indie performers. When i laid eyes on her for the first time, i was immediately fascinated with her ethereal beauty and immaculate long hair. Her professionalism and drive is second to none always looking at how she can improve the … Continue reading Cutest Belles Hot List

Hot Actress #418 – Mayra Leal:Sex Bomb

‘MACHETE’ continued the resurgence of the much loved grindhouse/exploitation genre after Tarantino had so succinctly created the electrifying ‘PLANET TERROR/DEATH PROOF’ combo. For me, the highlight of it all was the inclusion of some of the most dangerously sexy LATINAS on film. Whilst ‘DEATH PROOF’ had Vanessa Ferlito doing a steamy dance, ‘MACHETE’ should be remembered for giving us a few minutes of the heavenly … Continue reading Hot Actress #418 – Mayra Leal:Sex Bomb