Rising Starlet: Rachael Perrell Fosket

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Genial and charming, Rachael Perrell Fosket is a face we’ll hold dear especially with her onscreen accomplishments that’s likely to win her plaudits. Having won Best Actress for her role in the existential drama “Death On A Rock” at the Philadelphia Indie Film Fest 2015, Rachael should be hailed as a buzzworthy talent. It’s a thought-provoking performance that sees Rachael thread emotional highs and lows as Lillian, a young woman with a debilitating illness who deals with her mortality in strikingly unparalleled fashion. The art work showing a woman on a bicycle on the poster for “Death On A Rock” could in some way suggest the fleeting nature of human life which we all should really treasure. One can almost feel the pain etched on Lillian’s every being and it’s because of the evocative effect of Rachael’s depiction of the brevity that defines our existence.

Furthermore she’s appearing in this week’s episode ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ from “Grimm” which will surely make a impression on fans of the hit series. While Rachael may not be able to talk about her part at this time she has revealed her on-set experience with the cast and crew was profoundly wonderful. I’m already intrigued as how her character Heidi McDunnah fits into the current Jack The Ripper plotline but I’m betting it’s going to be rather emotional yet saucily tinged. Plus she’s guest-starring alongside the Grimm David Giuntoli himself and that’s noteworthy! Reggie Lee (Sgt. Wu) has lauded Rachael for her loveliness on Twitter which is a persuasive endorsement in itself. This pixie-haired beauty channels the gamine sensibility that audiences have been known to respond with affection. It’s time to watch Rachael shine!

Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Rachel Heller

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Already a red-carpet goddess, Actress and Writer RACHEL HELLER is beguilingly easy on the eyes. Her long straight cut hair with bangs adds another dimension to her appeal and does make her a style maven. You can see her in “Innocence” which screens at this year’s Austin Film Festival and having seen her red-carpet pics, RACHEL does belong in the immensely beautiful cast. With 110,000+ Followers on her Twitter, Rachel is already much coveted and she’s growing in popularity. She is also the Chief Style Ambassador @ Zindigo – http://www.zindigo.com which is evolving the way we shop by utilzing social commerce, one social boutique at a time. One thing is for certain, RACHEL is delectable in almost anything she wears, a testament to her personal fashion chic.

I can’t wait to catch RACHEL alongside her gorgeous peers such as Imogen Poots, Addison Timlin and Jessica Lucas in the upcoming Zac Efron starrer “That Awkward Moment”. This is the second feature that sees RACHEL as part of a stunning female ensemble and lends credence to the fact she’s ravishing. Her multitude of talents include singing, improvisation as well as being able to assume Southern and British accents. Having the hots for RACHEL is a given as she’s more than capable of starting an obsession…:)