Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Bettina Mangiaracina

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Youthful fervor in the film industry is at all time high and Bettina Mangiaracina is already proving her worth as a watchable talent. In addition to her uniquely beautiful name, many would have notice that she and Jennifer Lawrence could actually be sisters! Bettina is herself mesmeric and through sheer dedication, there’s nothing that can stop her from achieving a similar vein of success. She does appear as Rachel in “Innocence”, the Elizabeth Bathory-like tale only this time with a whole coven of women lusting for virgin blood. This is one spooky tale fit for Halloween and the trailer (above) is just so riveting as the bevy of sexy vixens cast their spell on all of us. Her radiance is one that grows on you, the tender loveliness she has worthy of constant devotion.

A visit to the BETTINA MANGIARACINA OFFICIAL SITE should be the order of the day and you will find plenty of interesting Bettina-related updates. While we already know her to be glowingly enchanting, she actually gravitates toward roles that are honestly raw and dark. Bettina could well be heading to a breakthrough performance in an under-the-radar indie feature and we’ll be wishing her the best of luck ahead.

Rising Starlet: Tabetha Wallace

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Seeing how I am still obsessed with “Roswell” the TV Series thanks to the trio of hotties Shiri Appleby, Katherine Heigl and Majandra Delfino, I get excited whenever a feature on aliens decide to come my way. “Super 8” might have the blockbuster credentials but I’ve heard it lacks the funny moments J J Abrams used to peddle; has the dude gone way too serious?? What really piques my interest is the indie “Night Of The Alien” screening at Dances With Films this week and the actress that will appeal to any Extraterrestrial-Seeking enthusiast. As Boltron, the benevolent alien with a thing for “American Idol” or should i say “The Jennifer Lopez Show”, TABETHA WALLACE is strikingly out of this world and so comfortable in the skin of the drum-playing, stoner E.T. on a mission to save Earth. Utilizing an amusingly deadpan persona throughout, it’s one priceless performance from this laudable newcomer. A standout in this zany adventure, TABETHA has such groovy appeal, it’s easy to be beguiled hook, line and sinker. On the strength of its excellent cast and the charming wittiness of its alien-themed road movie slant, viewers are guaranteed a really good time.

It is their individuality that continually impresses us and TABETHA rightly belongs on the ever growing list of uniquely enthralling indie actresses. Film Festivals are definitely the avenue to get in touch with them and it’s great to see a host of talented women setting the standards in the entertainment industry. Show your support for the promising TABETHA and I can’t wait for her next role that hopefully has a wacky zing to it!!