Indie Princess: Katalina Viteri

Lusciousness is synonymous with the foxy Katalina Viteri who has the undeniable magnetism that could make her a future star. Her gorgeous eyes maketh the sensual cuteness that’s bound to be addictive. Did you know one of her eyes is both blue and brown? That does give Katalina a distinctive appeal that may well see her regarded as a desirable emerging talent. Here’s Katalina describing … Continue reading Indie Princess: Katalina Viteri

Hot TV Siren Of Summer: Kimberly Wallis

Alluring Kimberly Wallis has done a host of TV roles including a sexy love scene that ends cruelly (she gets a lethal injection on the neck) in “CSI: New York” and a spot on “Charmed” when Shannen Doherty ruled the coven!! She is set to appear in TV’s newest family show “Switched At Birth” which has incredibly become the #1 debut TV Series for ABC….Let … Continue reading Hot TV Siren Of Summer: Kimberly Wallis