SF IndieFest 2017 Spotlight: Natalie Lander

Her heavenly cuteness is abundantly addictive and at this year’s SF Indie Fest, the comely Natalie Lander ensures our adoration for her prevails. She stars in the dramedy “Superpowerless” as Danniell, a gorgeous college English major who helps the publishing endeavors of washed up superhero Bob (Josiah Polhemus) formerly known as Captain Truth. Natalie is the personification of mesmerizing temptation as Danniell who flirts her … Continue reading SF IndieFest 2017 Spotlight: Natalie Lander

Sizzling Cutie: Benita Robledo

The endearingly beautiful Benita Robledo could soon be desired by many a comic fanboy and everyone in between. Don’t miss her in this week’s episode Time & Tide from “Agent Carter” starring Hayley Atwell, the newest series kicking ass all over town! Just as we can’t get enough of a woman in uniform, we’re constantly attracted to the beguiling nature of onscreen talents. Her role … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Benita Robledo