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Sizzling Indie Darlings @ Woodstock Film Festival 2019

Ashley Avis, Director of “Adolescence” – 2019 is most certainly a strong year for female directors with Ashley Avis illuminating the indie film world with her arresting movie “Adolescence” which doesn’t sky away from baring the innate darkness of youth. – Ashley has adroitly drew out dynamic performances from the film’s 2 leads Mickey River and India Eisley, displaying her mettle as an accomplished film-maker … Continue reading Sizzling Indie Darlings @ Woodstock Film Festival 2019

Canadian Vixen: Carrie Genzel

Make sure you tune in to “Femme Fatales” this coming Friday as Bewitching CARRIE GENZEL dons the white coat as a radical doctor in the episode “The Clinic”. CARRIE GENZEL is all business-like efficiency as Dr. Marlowe who dabbles in experimental medicine and has an air of menace about her. It remains to be seen if she’s the villain of the piece but it’s certain … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Carrie Genzel