Canadian Vixen: Sydney Kondruss

The wave of rising starlets from Canada are very much welcomed with Sydney Kondruss being one to be desired in the months ahead. She’s starring in “The Drownsman” which is screening at this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Fest. The women are at the core of this Wes Crave influenced psychological horror flick with the fear of water taken to a terrifying level never seen … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Sydney Kondruss

Rising Starlet: Thia Schuessler

This past week has been one of warm approval for the Fresh Faces in the film world and newcomer THIA SCHUESSLER could yet be another gem. As I’m writing this, she’s currently at or around the majestic theaters in Hollywood where AFI Fest 2011 runs till November 10th in support of the enchanting short film “Clear Blue”. It’s “Cocoon” (the youthful rejuvenation swimming pool) meets … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Thia Schuessler