British Vixen: Coralie Rose

It’s an art to be both sweet and saucy, that most alluring of traits by which CORALIE ROSE can bring into play whenever she graces the screen. Paul Breuls, the producer of “The Devil’s Double” may have jumped the gun when he remarked how UK actresses are perceived as having a conservative reputation. He probably is not privy to CORALIE’s racy love scenes in “Rise … Continue reading British Vixen: Coralie Rose

Hot Actress #495 – Dai Green: Horror Vixen

You have to love a gal who tells it like she sees it and F**K with people who aren’t hard core horror fans on Twitter. I also recently listen to DAI GREEN on Blogtalkradio as she pointed out the shortcomings of the 2011 AFTER DARK Originals and why some of the films doesn’t do justice to the spirit of the series. Having followed AFTER DARK … Continue reading Hot Actress #495 – Dai Green: Horror Vixen