Juliana A. Morgan

Her attractiveness straddles the vista of sweetness and sensuality which makes Juliana A. Morgan a most desirable indie talent. She stars in the horror film “Recovery” that sees a sick family ritual played out at the detriment of teen girls where they are systematically selected to be a lifelong mate. Juliana appears at the start as Hilary, one of the targets who will learn the … Continue reading Juliana A. Morgan

Sizzling Cutie: Kayle Blogna

Irresistibly beautiful is how one can characterize KAYLE BLOGNA and this young actress is a sizzler from every angle. Her bright smile, hot curves and desirable appeal does exemplify the earth-bound goddess tag that befits her allure. She’s starring in “You Can’t Kill Stephen King” which has generated much interest thanks to its fun content as well as the countless references to the work of … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Kayle Blogna