Blonde Bombshell: Lexi Atkins

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Sizzling Summer comes early this year with the emergence of ravishing newcomer Lexi Atkins who also recently became Miss Illinois USA 2014. She is one of the leading ladies in “Zombeavers” which has cult film written all over it. “Zombeavers” is one of a cluster of watery-themed horror movies hitting screens and could well put the actresses fronting them in the limelight. Already a beauty queen, viewers will be treated to shots of the sexy Lexi in a bikini as she’s playing Jenn, a college girl beset by a swarm of deadly zombie beavers in a remote cabin. She’s extremely easy on the eyes and will be joined by Cortney Palm whom we know has a penchant for taking her top off ala Lena Dunham as the girls partake in a weekend of sex and revelry. One of the best lines in the film goes ‘We’re looking for beavers’ which is telling of the cheeky tone and there will be many more funny references to beavers aka the female nether regions throughout. Some may scoff at the creators for taking elements from “Evil Dead”, “Piranha” and “Cabin Fever” yet the trailer has already reached 1 million+ views making “Zombeavers” a viral hit even before its release! It’s time we join hands and support indie film-making for they’re spawning clever,fun entertainment while plenty of naysayers continue to criticize yet create so little content.

If you remember, wacky horror favorites such as “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” and “Piranha 3DD” launched the career of fellow blonde hottie Katrina Bowden (she can be seen in the saucy Nurse 3D). Similarly we could see the rapid rise of Lexi who has the much coveted sharp-looking high cheekbones adding sophistication to her many beautiful facets. Consider Lexi as your latest addiction and expect her to heat up your days in the year ahead.

Sizzling Cutie: Natalie Kim

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Fitting the bill as a spicy little cocktail, Korean-American comedienne NATALIE KIM gets tastier by the day. While I may have miss out on the premiere of her new web series “SuperTwins“, the reception for the launch of the first episode has been more than glowing. Twice the angst and twice the sardonic lightheartedness, your friendly neighborhood superheroes just got a little cynical. NATALIE plays Karin, one-half of the fraternal magically-endowed super humans who find themselves urgently in need of discovering their mojo to regain their fame. Move over Wonder Twins, there’s a new dynamic duo in town delivering clever humor faster than you can say ‘Powers Activate’!! Although just like the forthcoming hero orgy of the Avengers, you can sense the tension brewing between the SuperTwins as their personalities are poles apart. While Karin’s the driven one, she expects only the best from her party animal brother Kai (played by Trevor Zhou) giving the series its slice of drama. NATALIE is a credible delight in the skin of Karin who we learn is struggling to live up to her noble reputation.

“SuperTwins” is written by Natalie and two-time Emmy Award Winning Josiah Madigan of Cash Cab fame which should pique your interest even more. There’s no better time than the present to visit the NATALIE KIM OFFICIAL SITE to learn more about her adventures in Comedy Land. Where have we caught sight of NATALIE before….ahhh…by seeing would mean being familiar with her perky bottom from the well-written yet zany “Bored To Death”. Her scene at the Asian Health Spa was brief but the lucky bastard Jason Schwartzman did cop a view since his character, the underachieving Jonathan Ames was disguised as a woman. That takes us back to the spice we know NATALIE has in abundance and if that means gawking at her in a skintight costume on a weekly basis, count me in!