Berlinale Film Fest 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Kerry Cahill


As fans we’re so lucky to be immersed in the work of sterling actresses and the wonderfully, dynamic Kerry Cahill is a certified dazzler of the moment. She appears in the sci-fi film “Midnight Special” about a boy with special powers alongside the star-studded cast of Michael Shannon, Adam Driver, Kirsten Dunst and more. Screening at the prestigious Berlinale this year, her star will be illuminating Europe and the rest of the world. An award-winning actress, she’s a mover and a shaker of the industry with distinguished work spanning Film/Television. From appearing with Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Emilia Clarke in “Terminator Geneysis” to guest-starring in hit shows such as “Zoo”, “True Detective” and “NCIS: New Orleans”, Kerry is constantly a fixture of our affection. She was a stunner at “The Terminator Geneysis” red carpet premiere if i might add…:) With her first-rate dramatic chops, I personally would love to see her stirring things up on a series such as “Orange Is The New Black” or “Shameless”. She’s more than capable of injecting sardonic humour and ramping up the fascinating edges of the character she might play in future.


Last year, she also starred with Nicolas Cage and TV’s It Girl Sarah Paulson in “The Runner”, a drama set after the 2010 BP oil spill which had Nic Cage as a politician involved in a sex scandal. With high-profile features are en-route to the cinemas including “Free State Of Jones” and “By Way Of Helena”, she’s one of the in-demand actresses in 2016 and will be shimmering in the indie queen mantle too. Kerry’s soulful presence on-screen and her approachable persona is a cert to win brownie points with audiences. If there’s one talent channeling the spirit of film then Kerry Cahill would be a most enthralling proponent.

Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – 24 July 2015

1. Amy Paffrath in “Dating Naked”


– Amy is definitely one of my heroines of the entertainment world and she’s back to make our TV fixation a sizzling one as the host of popular reality show “Dating Naked” in its 2nd Season.
– Come on, you know you want to tune in to catch glimpses of Amy in this skin-tastic social experiment for her innate charms are irresistible. She has said previously she’s not averse to letting it all hang out in her birthday suit! Kudos Amy!
– Look out for Amy in the upcoming creature feature “Freshwater” and the saucily titled “SexDotCom” where this endearing multi-faceted actress will be in the thick of the action!

2. Lauren Parkinson in “Appetites”


– A goddess in every sense of the word, Lauren channels temptation and terror in her latest film “Appetites” as the cannibalistic serial killer Daisy.
– Ever since Lucky McKee’s “The Woman”, we’ve seen plenty of gals with serious bite and Lauren tempers the bloodlust in her character with helping of passion. Love is indeed blind!
– Noted for her mesmerizing turn as Snow White in “Avengers Grimm”, she’s starring in the comedy “Scumbag” alongside famed pornstars Ron Jeremy and Nina Hartley.

3. Natalie Burn in “Awaken”


– Natalie is one of the fastest rising starlets in the indie genre thanks to her stunning elegance and athletic prowess on screen as the leading lady of the actioner “Awaken”.
– From her sexy turn as an American tourist facing an aquatic darkness in “Nymph” and now soon to be anointed action star who has garnered multiple awards, Natalie’s X-Factor is making waves on a global stage.
– No surprises that she’s in quite a number of films and with Natalie being praised for her sensual physique as a Beach Babe, I think many would want Summer to last just a little longer!

4. Gianna Simone in “90 Minutes in Heaven”

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– Catch the alluring Gianna Simone alongside side Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth in “90 Minutes In Heaven”, the existential drama about our beliefs in the celestial place known as the heavens.
– One certainly doesn’t need to be in heaven to appreciate her enigmatic beauty and in the vein of cuties such as Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gianna is destined for adoration.
– Effortlessly a red-carpet goddess thanks to her inviting features, if the camera unconditionally loves her then likewise we’ll be gushing with avid enthusiasm for her.