Hot Comedienne: Stephanie Allynne

To be effortlessly funny is a true gift and STEPHANIE ALLYNNE is one of the brightest in an era when funny women are considered overwhelmingly sexy. With the advent of Sundance 2013, she can be seen in 2 features, the first being “In A World”, written and directed by Lake Bell. The other is a short titled “K.I.T.” written and directed by Michelle Morgan (Michelle … Continue reading Hot Comedienne: Stephanie Allynne

Ravishing Redhead: Mam Smith The time is ripe to celebrate the hottest bodies in showbiz and stuntwoman/actress/choreographer MAM SMITH possesses a svelte figure certain to have us saying “Yes MAM”. Her stunt work be it as a high-flying aerialist or engaging in some of the more dangerous exploits onscreen are consistently graceful and athletic. If you’re waiting for the Spiderman “Reborn” arc to begin, MAM is an outstanding … Continue reading Ravishing Redhead: Mam Smith