Blonde Bombshell: Kristina Page

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With her vibrant sexiness evocative of a mix between Heather Graham’s Roller Girl from “Boogie Nights” and a delectable cheerleader, KRISTINA PAGE is all dynamic perkiness. It’s fitting that she plays a high school cheerleader just out of rehab in the upcoming “Aqua Caliente“. As Piper Prego (a nod to Covert Affairs star Piper Perabo perhaps…hehe), there’s plenty of sweetness underneath but watch out for her demanding streak that tends to arise thanks to her Mafia lineage. This hysterical comedy has loads of colorful characters including an A-List star of “Big Tittie Nights” and Piper’s feisty granny played by my good friends Jessica Sonneborn and Noel Thurman respectively. That’s 3 Heavenly Blondes in 1 raucous movie; Guess it’s no surprise to say I’m itching to see the trailer especially after browsing those stills of nubile ladies in their bikinis…:) Besides having all the right curves as a picture of youthful lusciousness, I’m discovering that KRISTINA’s bubbly, accommodating nature is just as precious.

Horror is about to make its presence felt in the days ahead and chancing upon KRISTINA in the teaser (above) of the sci-fi thriller “Never Open The Door”, she looks to be on the cusp of some Scream Queen action. The suspenseful tone does give me the heebie jeebies and the unsettling way KRISTINA gets face licked by Jessica Sonneborn (in her creepiest mode) is instantly startling! The two have actually been in 3 movies together including the entertaining “A LURE: Teen Fight Club”. Watch out for the naughty side of hers in the indie flick “Crack Whore”, dishing out pleasure as the Dominatrix Mistress Ashley. Demonstrating her wonderful versatility onscreen, KRISTINA is more than capable of enchanting with every subsequent role. Some juicy news just in! KRISTINA is currently on set in Connecticut shooting Leigh Scott’s next film with Devanny Pinn, Sid Haig, Jeffrey Combs and Eliza Swenson. You guessed it, she’s a cheerleader once more only this time it’s a flashback to the ’70s!

Sizzling Cutie: Madison Dylan

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Get to know cutie MADISON DYLAN because here’s an actress that’s bringing some serious sexiness back on TV. As Alexis, the sorority girl with a dark agenda in the new skintastic series “Femme Fatales”, she has an unforgettably racy lap dance that’s like 10 out of 10 on a hot scale (watch the clip above)! The scene is the very pinnacle of what it means to be bootylicious so have you subscribed to Cinemax yet to get your fix of this blonde temptress!! The definition of a Femme Fatale is ‘An irresistibly attractive woman’, clearing alluding to Madison’s sexiness in that very episode “Girls Gone Dead”. She’s clearly right up there in the list of delectable ladies on show that includes South African actress/model Tanit Phoenix. The best is yet to come as MADISON is slated for two more episodes which I’m fervently waiting to see. If her nubile lusciousness is inviting than her genial personality is just as infectious. Full of spunk, MADISON is a breath of perky effervescence and when I told her of my desire to make her a featured actress, she informed me that she can’t wait to put some sizzle on this blog…can she be any more captivating!

She’s an absolute Babe, possessing the lolita-like appeal reminiscent of a youthful Sue Lyon and the sensual magnetism of Kirsten Dunst…after all MADISON and Kirsten could be sisters as there’s an uncanny similarity between them. Endowed with a lovable smile that would melt many a heart, she recently added sparkle on the red carpet at the 37th Annual Saturn Awards in a very foxy black number. MADISON can also be seen in the teen comedy romp “American High School” and the campy music video “She Got Titties (In All the Right Places)” on Funny Or Die. Blondes really do have fun especially this Summer and the always sunny MADISON’s servings of sweetness win us fans over every time…:) Don’t forget to watch her in the hit comedy series “Two And A Half Men” this week!