Shiori Ideta

actress shiori ideta the monster project

This week horror returns with maximum fear and Shiori Ideta is putting the fear in all of us in an indie scare fest. She stars in “The Monster Project as Shiori, a woman who claims to be a real-life demon together with 2 others who admit they are of Lycan and vampiric origins. In the tradition of terrifying entities such as Sadako and Kayako, Shiori embodies a demon that most definitely has a bloodlust. Shiori does get to show 2 sides to her character as her-pre demonic form is one of sedate normality that is until the transformation that threatens the lives of a group of aspiring film-makers looking to interview her for a documentary. Chaos reign supreme as this thriller of a found-footage flick bares its deadly teeth.

The trailer for “The Monster Project” has been one of the most popular on IMDB suggesting horror fans are avidly following the film. There’s even a backstory about the originas of Shiori’s possession and this deepens the intrigue even more. Shiori also recently starred in a romantic short called “Hai” which screen at this year’s LA Shorts Fest. She played a woman who realises she’s been cat-fished when she meets up with her online-date in person. With Shiori’s adorable luminosity, I believe if we were thrown into a similar situation, we wouldn’t be the least disappointed. Many will be taking a shine to the fetching Shiori in no time, such is our love for the women of indie cinema!

actress shiori ideta

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