Cara AnnMarie

Serenely beautiful, Cara AnnMarie is indeed a sparkling, enigmatic talent that we will look upon with endearment. She co-stars on the Season Finale of “Detroiters” this week as Judy Thompson, the director of marketing for Quick Loans who is introduced to Sam (Richardson) and Tim (Robinson), the ad men with a great reputation. What she gets however is very much a different beast or should … Continue reading Cara AnnMarie

Julia Gallagher

It’s fitting that the comeliest faces such as the beguiling Julia Gallagher are fuelling our avidity of all things TV and she’s definitely a charmer from head to toe. She’s guest-starring on the Nickelodeon comedy series “Game Shakers” and is every bit an adorable vision as Meesha on the episode “Llama Llama Spit Spit”. It’s an overload of cuteness as she’s atop the llama and … Continue reading Julia Gallagher