Horror Starlets To Crave @ ScreamFest 2019

Ashlynn Yennie & Natalija Nogulich in “The Springfield Three”

actress ashlynn yennie screamfest 2019 the springfield three

actress natalija nogulich screamfest 2019 the springfield three

– In “The Springfield Three” which is based on a terrifying true story, Ashlynn and Natalija are part of a trio of women who want to escape for greener pastures only to find their worst nightmare is just around the corner.
– Ashlynn may have been the main villainess in the 2019 Lifetime film “The Wrong Mommy” but she is idolized for her detestable role in “The Human Centipede” as well as being undoubtedly sensual on “Submission”.
– Natalija is famed for appearing in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star” Trek: Deep Space Nine” way before there was buzz on “Star Trek: Picard”. Now she’s bringing her dazzling presence to the horror genre.

Hilary Greer & Summer Crockett Moore in “Trick”

actress hilary greer screamfest 2019 trick
actress summer crockett moore screamfest 2019 trick

– The newest serial killer thriller is “Trick” which sees the delectable duo of Hilary Greer and Summer Crockett Moore drawn into this slasher that has a skull-face antagonist wreaking havoc during Halloween.
– While we know that the voluptuous Hilary has a smouldering appeal, she has also shown her versatility onscreen having played 2 contrasting mothers on “Law & Order: SVU” and “The Village”.
– An accomplished actress, producer and showrunner, Summer is a ravishing redhead with an extensive list of achievements who is set to star alongside ‘It Girl’ India Eisley in the dark comedy “One Week In Hollywood”.

Julianna Robinson, Director of “The Party”

director actress julianna robinson screamfest 2019 the party

– A woman of a myriad of talents, Julianna Robinson is the director, writer, producer as well as actress of the frightening short “The Party” which has its premiere at Screamfest on October 10.
– Julianna herself is known for her own foray in horror having starred as Sister Gracie Rose in “Nun” and this time she’s roped in actress Abby Eiland as a woman whose innate fear of socializing turns ghastly.
– Having been part of the team that conceived the zom-com “Aaah! Zombies!!” which won the Audience Award at ScreamFest back in 2007 can she replicate similar success with her spooky tale “The Party”?

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