Juliana A. Morgan

actress juliana a morgan recovery

Her attractiveness straddles the vista of sweetness and sensuality which makes Juliana A. Morgan a most desirable indie talent. She stars in the horror film “Recovery” that sees a sick family ritual played out at the detriment of teen girls where they are systematically selected to be a lifelong mate. Juliana appears at the start as Hilary, one of the targets who will learn the depraved motives of her captors in one of the gripping and tense scenes. Juliana has qualities reminiscent of actresses Eliza Dushku and even Willa Holland, her indomitable spirit reflected in the boldness of the victimized character she plays. Take a peek at her reel (above) for the suspenseful moments from “Recovery”.

actress juliana a morgan cute

She has also been an internet sensation thanks to her appearance as the face of the EPCM-ps infomercial which went viral early this year. One first has to admit that Juliana is indeed well-endowed with many already factoring her allure as giving the dull topic of the turnaround process a most fascinating spin. At 1.9 million views and counting, Juliana has elevated science to become a more palatable pleasure. Let’s all celebrate that she’s the apple of our eyes and when you have an innate sex appeal, why not flaunt it. We do love our sexy women, even more so when they are immersed in comedy which Juliana does in weekly shows with her improv routine. Just look at Iliza Shlesinger who is quite the delish princess of comedy so watch out for Juliana to add her own sizzle to the funny quotient. Juliana has the requisite virtues to be a resident muse of the indie scene.

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