ScreamFest 2019 Spotlight: Jen & Sylvia Soska

jen and sylvia soska screamfest 2019 rabid

Already acclaimed as visionary directors in the horror genre, the dedication of Jen & Sylvia Soska is just as incredible. Having attended the New Jersey Horror Con, the delectable duo are making their way for the Oct 15th premiere of “Rabid” at Screamfest. They have been on a whirlwind trip across 4 countries including having their raved about film screening at Sitges in Barcelona, Spain. Sylvia says it best when she recently quipped on facebook – “Four countries in two weeks! No rest for the Rabid.” The Soska twins are to be held high up on the pedestal of adoration for the passion towards their craft and with their gripping remake of “Rabid”, horror fans around the world are mesmerized.

Back in 2014, the Soska twins conceived the slasher flick “See No Evil 2” which had a rapturous response at Comic Con. Of course, we have to admit we were a little enamored by cleavage (see video above) but like I’ve always said if you have it, just flaunt it! Endowed with cinematic wisdom and sex appeal, the Soska sisters should be celebrated for that aforementioned duality. Starting with their sleeper hit “Dead Hooker in a Trunk”, the Soska twins have been on the ascendancy ever since with “American Mary” and directing a segment of the anthology film “ABCs of Death 2”

Jen & Sylvia Soska also have the knack to choose captivating leading ladies for their movies i.e. Danielle Harris (See No Evil 2), Katharine Isabelle (American Mary) and of course Laura Vandervoort (Rabid). Their remake of the Cronenberg classic does update its setting with modern times with its contagion premise as well as the dangers of medical tech in this case an experimental stem cell procedure. This after Laura’s character Rose is disfigured after a horrifying accident which thereafter transforms her into a sensual, primal sex addict. In similar vein to the 2014 horror of “It Follows”, the parable of the dangers of wanton sex is prevalent, a constant despite our changing times. “Rabid” is a stylish ultra violent rejuvenation of the 1977 movie just as much as how its central character Rose goes from meek fashion designer to IT Girl with a taste for blood.

Fans of the Soskas will be satiated by the gruesomeness of “Rabid” while marveling at the inventiveness the duo has invested in this fresh re-imagining.

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