Caitlin McGee

actress caitlin mcgee you're the worst

There’s a big reason why TV has become a national obsession and it’s a testament to the quality of actresses such as the charming Caitlin McGee. Those who love reminiscing about romance in the 90s should not miss out on Caitlin’s performance in the Season 5 premiere episode of “You’re The Worst”. A reinvention of sorts for the series with a flashback focusing on new characters that see Caitlin as Gemma, a connoisseur of rarely seen movies who has an admirer in a video store clark. We soon find out their budding romantic overtures is a close to real life re-enactment of the love story of main protagonists Jimmy and Gretchen. Winona Ryder who starred in the much adored film “Reality Bites” would more than approve of Caitlin’s portrayal of an adorable cinephile on the cusp of passion beset by the pitfalls of impulsive desire. They often say rock never dies and in this case Love in the 90s is just as evergreen.

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There’s something so liberating when we get turn to turn back the clock vicariously via a show that would trigger at times the fondest of memories. Caitlin has certainly won me over and i’m sure many others who were part of Generation X in the 1990s with her inviting warmth. Fans of “You’re The Worst” are in for quite the lovely surprise. Having also been an engaging face on shows such as “Chicago Med”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “I’m Dying Up Here”, Caitlin is a dazzler in the making. Look out for her opposite Billy Crystal in the upcoming comedy “Standing Up, Falling Down” and she’s certainly made me a firm admirer as will she do likewise for many around the world soon enough.

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