Toronto Short Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Katie Uhlmann

actress katie uhlmann My Roommate is An Escort

Katie Uhlmann is certainly one of Canada’s finest female entertainers with her being such a vivaciously creative force. This wonderful actress, director, producer, writer and celebrity host is the esteemed mind behind the new web series “My Roommate’s An Escort” that should whip up profound fascination. While “My Roommate’s An Escort” is premiering on Youtube come April 3rd, we can catch a glimpse of the misadventures of two unlikely roommates at this year’s Toronto Short Film Fest. Kudos to Katie for roping in renowned talents such as Ellen Dubin who is very much loved on this blog and Barbara de la Fuente (whom i will feature shortly) to guest-star on her off the wall series.

Katie is of course the leading lady Kesha whose roommate Heather (Trish Rainone) might just have an inkling that Kesha is more than meets the eye. In fact Heather thinks Kesha’s an escort but can never quite corroborate her suspicions which of course leads to moments of hilarity. The kooky, acerbic discourse between the polar opposites of Heather and Kesha will have us coming back for more.

actress katie uhlmann toronto short film festival 2017

Katie is well know for being the host of her online entertainment series, “Katie Chats” where she has interviewed Canadian celebrities numbering in their thousands. It is an achievement that is outstanding in its sheer dedication and speaks of Katie’s incredible spirit. It’s awesome to see her chatting with one of my favorite comediennes Naomi Snieckus of “Mr D” fame (see above). We are truly addicted to Canada’s enchanters and just like her glittering dress on the poster of “My Roommate’s an Escort”, Katie is on her way to being the gold standard of indie comedy.

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