Juliana Destefano

rising starlets juliana destefano smuggling in suburbia

The comely Juliana Destefano is set to be an enticing vision as she’s slated to appear in the Shocktober feature on Lifetime called “Psycho BFF”. She stars as Deandra, an introvert, Deandra finally bonds with her new found friend, Olivia, delighting her worrisome mother Renee. That’s until she discovers Deandra is being tortured emotionally and when her daughter vanishes, Renee desperately seeks the return of her precious girl. Juliana goes through a trough of emotions as Deandra, accentuating each change in sentiment with luminous gumption. Tune in this October to find out if she can free herself from the clutches of her evil bestie!

If you think Juliana’s appearance in “Psycho BFF” is gripping, do check her out in another Lifetime thriller called “Smuggling In Suburbia”. She stars as Sharnae, one of 3 young girls who are in on the diamond smuggling biz via the use of expensive camera lenses. As Sharnae, she’s coy and flirtatious as the amateur courier whose high on life and the illicit money she’s making. It’s only setting up her Sharnae’s fate for a must-watch moment of brutality after her character’s one moment of weakness.

At this year’s San Diego Film Festival, audiences can catch her in the short film “Pig”. With “American Horror Story: 1984” making terrorizing campers in vogue once more, it’s apt that “Pig” follows this much loved horror cinematic tradition. Juliana plays Jess, one of several campers who are the target of a maniac beset by body image issues. With her presence illuminating the world of films, she is the sweetheart to adore in October and beyond.

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  1. Juliana Destafano is a true natural in her field! I am enjoying her films on Lifetime and look forward to seeing her in many more! She has a bright future ahead of her! Veronica Magdaleno

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