Gabrielle Scharnitzky

actress spotlight gabrielle scharnitzky treadstone

With a standout portrayal on “Treadstone”, the Jason Bourne origin story series spinoff, German-born actress Gabrielle Scharnitzky is primed for adulation.
She stars as Petra, a no-nonsense Russian patriot who has committed her life to her country but has deep-seated knowledge of Russian tactics which will come in handy. There is a moment in the premiere episode when Petra’s husband quips their prized bull hasn’t had an erection for years and her comeback on his own erectile dysfunction is a prized moment to chuckle about. Could she also be the source behind the waking up of global sleeper agents and her severed finger serves to throw up even more intrigue. From Berlin to North Korea and Russia, the complex and evolving plot lines are bound to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

The authenticity Gabrielle depicts when shifting gears from frustrated Russian housewife to merciless killer is an affirmation of her expressive versatility as an entertainer. Slated to appear with ‘McDreamy’ Patrick Dempsey in the new series “Devils” which focuses on politics in the world of large investment banks, Gabrielle career is set to soar. On television, she could well emulate the successes of her fellow German actresses such as Nora Tschirner (Tatort) and Nina Hoss (Homeland).

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