The Most Sizzling Actresses @ San Diego Film Festival 2019

Brea Bee in “The Great Alaskan Race”

actress brea bee san diego film festival 2019 the great alaskan race

– “Silver Linings Playbook” was the movie that thrust the charming Brea Bee into our adoring arms and this talented screen siren has been on a roll ever since with fascinating roles on both TV as well as film.
– Recently she played Sylvia Gallagher on the Hulu series “Light As A Feather” and was introduced as a mysterious figure, later to be revealed as one of the original group of players to play the accursed game.
– Celebrating the human spirit, “The Great Alaskan Race” sees Brea as Constance, the voice of motivation for her fellow men travelling 700 miles to save the small children of Nome, Alaska from a deadly epidemic.

Marianne Farley in “Hearth”

actress marianne farley san diego film festival 2019 hearth

– A beguiling fixture on the festival circuit and fresh off her award-wining run with her short film “Marguerite” which had a unique spin on sexuality, Marianne Farley returns in yet another compelling feature.
– In the riveting short “Hearth”, she stars as Alice who together with her husband rent a flat from Emilie (Marilyn Castonguay) but the intentions of this seemingly normal couple are actually more malevolent.
– Already an Oscar nominated director and a sought after actress on both the big as well as small screens, it won’t be long before Marianne helms more high profile movies. She is truly Canada’s gift to the world.

Kathy Searle in “Love in kilnerry”

actress kathy searle san diego film festival 2019 love in kilnerry

– It’s high jinks and sex in “Love in Kilnerry” when a chemical plant produces a compound that may increase the sexual libido of the local residents with the radiant Kathy Searle adding some sunny comic flavor.
– With all the perceived raging hormones especially among the elderly, there is a cute love story between Kathy’s shy character Nessa and the town sheriff Gary (David Keith) which should make us all feel warm inside.
– Recognized for playing a host of whimsical, funny as hell ladies onscreen, Kathy did take a risk by delving into the sci-fi genre with the black & white chiller “Empathy, Inc” where she turned out to be a scene-stealer.

Kelly Ryan in “Tree No #3”

actress kelly ryan san diego film festival 2019 tree no 3

– The always vivacious Kelly Ryan walks a little on the dark side in “Tree No #3 as Ms. Crystal, a drama teacher who relegates her student Itai (Lior Malka), a newly immigrated Israeli boy to the background of her play.
– In this era of rampant intolerance, “Tree No 3” is so relevant in addressing this issue especially of disdain towards immigrants. Seeing how students are shepherded to be an extra despite their ability is eye-opening.
– While she sparkled as a harsh educator, on a brighter note Kelly will next be seen alongside David Arquette and Priyanka Bose (of “The Good Karma Hospital” fame) in the comedy “The MisEducation of Bindu”.

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