Salem Murphy

Salem Murphy has already garnered an impressive run of appearances on hits shows such “Stranger Things”, “The Blacklist” as well as “Reckless” and now she’s fronting the character focused drama “Uzma The Greatest”. Set to be eye-catching, Salem’s performance as the colourful Uzma who is steadfast in her views which causes her to lock horns with her hubby. Here’s Salem revealing more about her role: … Continue reading Salem Murphy

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Kelly Murtagh

Having made an impression on the independent film circuit, blossoming starlet Kelly Murtagh is poised for fanboy adoration as she’s appearing in the hard-hitting Season 3 premiere episode of “Preacher”. She plays Barb O’Hare, the mother of Tulip O’ Hare in a flashback sequence from her childhood where she lies in limbo being resurrected from the dead. You’ll love Kelly’s smoky Southern drawl and her … Continue reading Kelly Murtagh