Canadian Vixen: Paula Giroday

PAULA GIRODAY is a babe hands down and she’s about to bewitch audiences in “True Heroines”, a fascinating genre bending web series. There’s housewives with extraordinary powers, dazzling burlesque and of course those vintage hair curls which has seen its fair share of fondness. More and more, we’re seeing the popularity of all things retro explode! Perpetuating the swinging 50’s, “True Heroines” is hot on … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Paula Giroday

Rising Starlet: Victoria Paege Victoria Paege is a natural born performer who on top of being an actress, has sparkled in the arena of cosplay, fetish and print modeling. Fresh off walking the runway in a circus steam-punk fashion show, she’ll be busy interviewing on behalf of as well as being on the panel of her features at Phoenix Comicon 2012. This week alone from Friday till … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Victoria Paege