Kristen StephensonPino

actress kristen stephensonpino sizzling cutie

In the midst of film festival fever, there’s still sweethearts of the screen that entrance us and the gorgeous Kristen StephensonPino makes for a beguiling leading lady in the horror film “The Channel”. Now out on BLU-Ray, “The Channel” sees Kristen as Cassie, a young woman who somehow becomes the conduit for an evil entity after surviving a near-death experience. The creepy trailer which shows glimpses of what is a demon in repulsive female form should already strike terror in us! While the scary tension is gradual, the battle for the soul of an innocent should appease fans who have a taste for exorcism paraphernalia. The film was an official selection at Dances with Films and even won best supernatural horror at the Kentucky Comic Con.

Often terrifying elements are interspersed with the human drama and as Cassie who harbors the guilt of causing the accident which leads to the haunting of her psyche, Kristen is a stirring watch. Seeing how she also doubles up as the assistant-producer of “The Channel”, it should serve as an inspiration for everyone involved in creative endeavors.

actress kristen stephensonpino the channel

Having been a spokes-model for brands such as Sephora and Sally Beauty, Kristen has been featured on Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Women Calendar. This voluptuous beauty has some serious sex appeal with hints of the exotic! Like how I recently discovered the rising stars of music, an indie-electronica band called LEØ, I already can’t wait for Kristen to be a household name of film!

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