Rising Starlet: Carolyn Stotesbery

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She has the face tailor made for the modeling world and CAROLYN STOTESBERY channels the requisite glamor so effortlessly. This has seen her courted by top modeling agents, fashion houses as well as magazines the world over. Incredibly enthralling, CAROLYN can wear any trendsetting look, captivating our longing eyes be it on the pages of magazines or in the films she’s done. She’s also gone beyond her standing as a performer, dabbling in music, producing and even writing, those very talents enhancing the range she has as an actress. CAROLYN is also active in various causes such as ‘Step Up For Women’ and ‘Invisible Children’, her compassion for disadvantaged people is most commendable. Read up on this sweetheart at the CAROLYN STOTESBERY OFFICIAL SITE.

We’ll get to watch her in 2 upcoming actioners, the first is “Treasure Of The Black Jaguar”, a heist flick with elements of “The Amazing Race” as an ancient artifact is prized by almost everyone. The second is “Verlaine”, a grittier revenge thriller where CAROLYN gets to put her flirting shoes on as one of the many love interests. It also came to my realization that from certain angles, CAROLYN is a cross between “Ask Me Chelsea” starlet Laura Prepon and Amy Smart, readily inspiring admiration whenever we watch her. Some women have the unerring glow which we find ourselves gravitating towards and CAROLYN STOTESBERY is highly valued as someone with huge potential for ‘IT’ girl stardom.

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