CIFF 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Romi Trower

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Director, Writer and Actress Romi Trower has the incandescent appeal to blossom into an indie favorite in her own right. She is the artful woman behind the dark comedy short “No One Is Listening Anymore!” which screens at the Cleveland International Film Festival this week. There’s no trailer but it’s already been well received in the festival circuit so shower the feature with as much love as one would show to Australian talents. Romi has such benevolence, a trait to be revered on any level. Here’s a tease of Romi’s role as well as some juicy info on her upcoming projects:

In No One Is Listening Anymore! I play a woman who claims she has a brain like three trains on three different tracks all running at the same time. ‘Sometimes they collide. No one ever dies, there’s just minor disorientation and everything gets interrupted’ but she usually gets back on track pretty fast. She blames technology. She blames technology for her OCD, anxiety, ADHD, fear of STDs, and for the fact that no one is listening anymore. She blames Google for not coming to her aid and harbors bitter resentment toward help icons. This woman wants to be heard and seen without an iPhone stealing her limelight. She turns to therapy on the eve of a nerve-racking party and encounters the sounding board she so desperately seeks. She’s just plain ready to show herself to a psychotherapist damn it. And therapy has never been so revealing…

I like playing troubled characters – they are the most intriguing and most fun! I also like walking the comedy-dramas tightrope…

My next project is a feature – a comedy/drama – which I have written and will direct. whether i give myself a small role for fun remains to be seen, but the focus needs to be on directing for my first feature (to avoid going completely nuts). It’s called ‘What Time Is My Heart?’ and we are aiming for an august shoot in Australia.

Wow! Would be so fun to make a return Down Under! I reckon I may have come across her adorable self circa 2001 when I was studying in Queensland as she’s been on favs such as “Neighbours”, “Stingers” and “The Secret Live Of Us”. Those were the very shows that got me hooked during my uni sojourn and cemented my love for the screen hotties of Australia. Just last year she guest-starred on “Offspring” which is like the quirkier cousin of the show “Neighbours” and despite its cancellation was a hit! These are exciting times to follow the work of women who are crafting stories to remember whether in long or short form and Romi is to be rated fondly.

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