Hot Actress # 163 – ASHLEY JONES: TV SIREN

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How stunningly cute is ASHLEY JONES..:) Making waves in a myriad of red-hot TV Shows such as ‘TRUE BLOOD’, FLASH FORWARD’ and ‘THE BOLD and THE BEAUTIFUL’, she has staked her claimed as one of the most desirable women on television! The soap sensation turned TV Temptress has got both guys and girls singing praises after her starring role as the shapeshifter Daphne masquerading as a waitress in ‘TRUE BLOOD’. An absolute dish on the much-loved vampire series as you can see from the sexy clip above, ASHLEY is also eye-catching in the sci-fi thriller ‘FLASH FORWARD’. Take a long look at the alluring actress at the ASHLEY JONES OFFICIAL SITE. She sizzles no matter on film, TV or print and judging from her awesome reel, ASHLEY JONES knows when to turn you on…..Whao! Oh yeah, she has that flawless hourglass figure…:)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Being born in 1976 (sweet….the same birth year as me), it’s imperative I make her a featured actress on my blog. She’s just super adorable as seen from her interview clip (above) and leaves you thoroughly under her spell. How can one not go gaga over the luscious Texas Blonde…..she looks immaculate all the time! You’ll be majorly bowled over by the sheer charisma that she possesses. ASHLEY gives off so much likeable vibes and i’m elated she went from daytime soap regular to edgy TV belle.

She’s also the creator and spokesperson for BEAUTY SILKZ pillows which nourish your skin and keep you looking younger. Is that the secret to ASHLEY’S everlasting gorgeousness i wonder…not that she needed it since she’s already so massively appealing…:) I’m anxiously counting down the days for her return to Season 3 of ‘TRUE BLOOD’.

Be infatuated with this starlet at IMDB: More Info on ASHLEY JONES.

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