Hot Actress # 341 – Cinthia Burke: Sex Bomb



Blonde Bombshell CINTHIA BURKE is steadily building an impressive body of work by making her presence felt in several independent films. I was taken in by her heavenly features (including her sexy lips) and her stunning buxom body which moviegoers will notice if they had seen her in the riveting thriller “Summer’s Moon”. Appearing with “Twilight” starlet Ashley Greene and gorgeous siren Barbara Niven in the serial killer slasher, CINTHIA is herself a serial thriller. Cast as a sultry bartender with a deadly past in her latest movie “STRIPPED NAKED”, I’m earmarking her as a future success story. Distinctively saucy, this pneumatic blonde would get high approval from any moveigoer.

Besides dazzling on-screen, CINTHIA also serves as a producer in some of the films she has been in. As a huge fan of actresses, i obviously do not want to miss out on women that are excelling in their field and that’s so important i keep featuring talented people like CINTHIA BURKE, what’s more she’s been so sweet to me. Channeling Sex Symbols of past and present, she’s everything nice and everything spicy…..i’m super infatuated with her alluring voice…:) It is apparent the mystique of blondes will never cease as long as performers like her are around……Gentleman do prefer blondes…..hehe.

Find out more about her at IMDB: More Info on CINTHIA BURKE

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