Rising Starlet: Christine Quinn

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When you’re the poster girl for “Shark Night 3D” that’s going to be be plastered everywhere around the world, it’s a special feat indeed. Up and coming actress CHRISTINE QUINN cuts a sumptuous figure in a white bikini and has revealed to me that she’s the distressed siren clad in the two-piece on the poster. Watch the trailer (above) till the end and you’ll get all the confirmation you need. So nice of her to let me know…she’s Miss Awesome!! The big question is whether CHRISTINE as the fun-in-the-sun seeking Jess survives since that scene where she’s pulled under the water may just be a prank by one of her friends grabbing her luscious legs! What is certain, she’s bound to be endlessly gawked at the whole of Summer. By painting humans as viciously abhorrent as the sharks themselves, “Shark Night 3D” looks to steal a march two months ahead of “Piranha 3DD” with its brand of sizzling bodies, tongue-in-cheek humor and bloody fish-chomping entertainment. If you can’t wait more for than just the short tease of CHRISTINE in “Shark Night 3D”, be sure to look for the hottie in indie flick “Humans Versus Zombies” based on the popular live-action game of the same name.

Did you get the chance to watch the sensual CHRISTINE in the GameStop commercial for the Mortal Kombat game yet?? The immaculate fair-skinned beauty and natural charmer is likely to gain more than just admiring glances from fanboys. Gentlemen do prefer blondes and CHRISTINE has the eye-appealing perkiness we can’t take our eyes off…:) With her spunky sensuality, why isn’t she in the Mortal Kombat Legacy Web Series…Sonya Blade (played alluringly by Jeri Ryan), Kitana and Mileena are taken but she would be perfect as the female character Jade who in the game has those sumptuous leggy assets like Christine…;) At 5’10”, the model/actress is an exceedingly tempting Texas Cutie. One of the freshest emerging faces, it’s an absolute pleasure to have CHRISTINE as the center of attention right here.

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