Sizzling Cutie: Beth Lacke

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We’ll be starting an infatuation over one more TV Siren this coming year thanks to BETH LACKE, star of ABC’s new comedy “Work It”. Her character is Connie Standish, nurse and wife of the male lead Lee, an unemployed car salesman resorting to cross dressing to get a gig as a pharmaceutical rep. Over here, I choose to ignore the transgender controversy which has arisen and rather focus on the positives namely the fetching Miss BETH LACKE. Why hasn’t anyone bitch about the unemployment woes in the US I wonder (which seriously affects everyone and the very premise of the show) so we really need to separate fiction from reality and remember that the cast are working their socks off to entertain viewers. American audiences would have already been familiar with the lovely BETH in them scrubs as the premiere episode of “Work It” just aired. With so many generous comments on BETH’s performance and her radiance (took a peek at her Facebook Wall…hehe), it’s a cinch she’ll captivate us as a comedienne.

Having previously appeared in Fox’s “Happy Hour” as the inviting Amanda Pennington, her focus has always been on making people laugh. Guest roles in shows including “The Exes”, “Hawthorne” and “How I Met Your Mother” has already seen her fulfill her potential to be both funny and affecting. Indeed, she previously won an Award Citation honoring her excellence on the Chicago theater scene and her work on TV is constantly splendid. When one glances at BETH, one finds a bubbly, confident talent who enjoys her craft and whose sunny social graces is headed for a succession of fondness.

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