Must See Scream Queens @ RIP Horror Film Fest 2014

1. Suzi Lorraine, Melantha Blackthorne, Seregon O’Dassey & Deirdre Lorenz in “Captured Hearts”

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– 4 of the hottest women in horror take you on a wild ride of sensuality and insane gore in the must watch “Captured Hearts”.
– Suzi Lorraine and Melantha Blackthorne entice as Candy and Susan, the Van Houten sisters could be the reason why men are vanishing in a small town every year! Maneaters or misunderstood, you’ll have to watch “Captured Hearts”! What is certain, Both Suzi and Melantha are naturally ravishing even sans makeup…:)
– While perennial vixen Seregon O’Dassey projects her sweet and maniacal side with aplomb in “Captured Hearts”, Deirdre Lorenz proves why she’s so coveted in her enigmatic role.

2. Rachel Riley in “The Chills”


– Rachel plays Kate in “The Chills”, a drug counselor who tries to help a woman experiencing nightmarish visions!
– Her next feature “Satanicus” is bound to get people talking with initial pics teasing its rather creepy tone.
– Taking about being a tease and seeing that she cuts a gorgeous figure in a bikini, Rachel is a terror hottie to savor this summer and henceforth.

3. Erin Hammond in “Billy Club”


– Watch her as Allison in “Billy Club” as one of the tormentors of a boy back when they were in The Little League who returns to haunt her and her group of friends.
– If you love women with sexy voices then Erin has a husky, seductive one to win you over.
– She is a genuine representation of what it means to be artistic since she’s also known as a painter with an eye for romanticism.

4. Ashton Leigh in “Jake’s Road”


– With more than 10 upcoming films, Ashton Leigh looks to sizzle our world and why not when she’s so mesmeric.
– She’s one of the stars of tense thriller “Jake’s Road” and ensures that we’ll fall for her as soon as she appears onscreen.
– Ashton is at the forefront of rising starlets emerging from New Orleans and she’s garnering a wave of adoration.

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