The Hottest Digital Vixens @ LAweb Fest 2014

1. Tali Custer in “The Verge”

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– “The Verge” will premiere on Thursday, April 3rd @ 10pm and Tali is expected to spice things up as a mysterious yet bewitching young woman Melissa.
– The pitfalls of life as artists are explored in “The Verge” which is looking to become the newest hit web series on the digital front.
– Extremely photogenic whether it be onscreen, on the red carpet or in photos, Tali is the darling everyone should get to know…:)

2. Anne Leighton in “Adventures Of Superseven”

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– “Adventures Of Superseven” has been called an action series packed full of babes and that’s true since the ravishing Anne Leighton is in it.
– She plays Sparky, trusted mechanic with perfect comic timing and some say a turn on even with grease all over!
– 2014 is going to be a big year for Anna with features covering almost every genre and the perfect time for her to make a dazzling impact.

3. Christie Burson & Alexandra Fatovich in “Destroy The Alpha Gammas”

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– There’s plenty of sass and a bevy of luscious women in the edgy music-driven comedy series “Destroy The Alpha Gammas” with sexy ladies at the heart of every webisode.
– Delectably gorgeous Christie Burson plays Mary, part of the popular clique “The Alpha Gammas” who are targeted by another sorority whose leader felt she was wronged.
– Alexandra is also one of “The Alpha Gammas” sisterhood and while this was a supporting role, she deserves a mention for being such an adorable rising starlet.

4. Christine Lakin in “Acting Dead” and the creator of “Valet”


– Great to know that the comely Christine will be appearing alongside my childhood idol Debbie Gibson in the zom-com series “Acting Dead”.
– She is the producer of another web series called “Valet” which is expected to garner laughs come its screening this Friday at 4pm & Sunday at 6pm
– A true sweetheart in every sense of the word, Christine is so down-to-earth, many will surely be waiting for their chance to meet her in person.

5. Karolina Sivas & Carly Reeves in “Broken At Love”

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– Karolina is the creator and star of “Broken Love” which centers on the pursuit of love and how it impacts on one’s life be it good or bad.
– In two seasons of “Broken Love”, the dramedy has caught the eye with its authentic charm as each episode unfolds.
– The very foxy Carly Reeves plays Olivia, the best friend of Karolina’s character Vivienne ‘Vivie’ Taylor who is always there for her, a true friend indeed.

6. Paula Giroday in “The True Heroines”


– Paula plays Dotty a 1950s housewife endowed with the power of super strength in “The True Heroines” which was inspired by the Vancouver based cabaret show.
– If there’s one actress who is mesmerizing in vintage wear, it would be Paula. Just look at her pic (above) where she’s a fashion success and ever so beautiful.
– She is after all a Canadian Vixen and has also been beguiling on hit shows such as “Artic Air”, “Motive” and recently in the musical episode of “Pysch”.

7. Jennifer Hall in “Brooklynites”


– Cutie Jennifer Hall is a guest-star on “Brooklynites” the web series revealing the colorful side of Brooklyn natives.
– She has enough of the quirky appeal many will gravitate towards seeing how Rolling Stone Magazine fascinatingly calls a little bit of that and a little bit of this.
– Her upcoming film “Accidental Porn Star” should hold much interest as the story of a mama’s boy who gets in way over his head with some mob trouble.

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