French Vixen: Aurelia Khazan

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Effervescent and comely, Aurelia Khazan has the cultivated essence to be a growing attraction for many. It’s not often that a French actress sizzles up the Actress Obsession Blog and Aurelia is a lady with the dazzling je ne sais quoi! She’s already lit up the red-carpet at this year’s Cannes and she’s a vision of European elegance we can’t get enough of. Having been selected in the prestigious Young Actresses-Young Talents at Cannes, there’s going to be many admirers casting eyes on her. Aurelia is also a singer and multi-lingual talent who is conversant in English, French, Spanish and even Hindi! Wow! In the emotional short film “Love Me Haiti”, she plays a woman who fights to save her husband trapped in a cell.

Such a fitting role since Aurelia thrives on dramatic tones onscreen, alluding to her virtuosity for crafting stories. It’s her inherent flair and charming sweetness that has an effect on us as French actresses have done for years. Seen around the world as beautiful and witty, she’s part of the generation that has made us remember them for more than just bringing acting talent and pretty faces to the screens. While Aurelia has been busy with her film and music career, I’ll be relishing the moment when I get to interview her. Especially since she has praised my blog and has wished me much success.

Don’t forget to check out her gorgeous photos and other fascinating media at the informative AURELIA KHAZAN OFFICIAL SITE

One thought on “French Vixen: Aurelia Khazan

  1. Great article about an amazingly talented actress.
    Loved her in “Love me Haïti” : very subtle and realistic acting, an impressive performance for a role entirely shot in Haïtian creole language.

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