The Women Who Sizzle @ HollyShorts Film Festival 2016 – Part 1

Kimberly Leemans in “The Big Swim”


– Kissable cutie Kimberly Leemans has those hypnotic blue eyes that will have many attendees at the Hollyshorts Film Fest forming a passionate devotion towards her.
– If you’ve seen “The Shallow” starring Blake Lively, it’s time to be enraptured by the stunning Kimberly in the part drama part love story “The Big Swim”.
– She is enthralling as the breast cancer-stricken Rachel whose determination to cope with her grief leads her to a life-changing journey of swimming with sharks.

Annie McCain Engman in “The Last Deli in Brooklyn”


– One of the most endearing indie actresses every one should know about, Annie McCain Engman is an eloquent talent primed for ardor in the global sense.
– In “The Last Deli In Brooklyn”, Annie plays one of the customers at a Brooklyn delicatessen run by an Arab American whose sanity is tested to the extreme.
– She’s also in the film “Catfight” which premieres at TIFF 2016 and we will get to see her comedic finesse on show alongside Anne Heche, Sandra Oh as well as Alicia Silverstone.

Rebecca Ocampo in “Tyson!”


– Don’t miss “Tyson!”, the emotive short by Rebecca Ocampo about a young boy thrusted into a world of poverty after being abandoned by his mother.
– Written and directed by Rebecca herself, this is a personal opus for her in reference to her own father’s benevolence caring for the poor and elderly.
– Having graced numerous television shows and independent films, Rebecca continues to illuminate the world with her inspirational narratives about life.

Meghan Chadeayne in “Legend Of Dark Rider”


– The alluring Meghan Chadeayne stars as Freja in “Legend Of Dark Rider”, the fantasy flick that’s a visual feast and tells of the awakening of the hero known as Dark Rider.
– As the fierce warrior Freja of the outlaws known as the Hawk Band, Meghan ticks all the boxes of a most captivating female combatant.
– Having sizzled in her previous short film “Naked Zombie Girl”, she’s returning to solidify her ever growing stature as a genre darling.

Ellen Gerstein in “Come Away With Me”


– Love and Heartbreak can happen at any age and thanks to director/leading lady Ellen Gerstein of “Come Away With Me”, we get to experience a genuine golden age romance.
– She touchingly amazing as Anne Chambers who longs for a reunion with Michael, her long lost high school sweetheart but instead learns he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
– Ellen is representing the real world that we live in, going against the grain of ageism which Hollywood is notoriously known for and is proof of her stirring longevity.

Angela DiMarco in “The Cost Of Things”


– Angela DiMarco is quickly becoming a fixture on this blog as she’s such an indelible storyteller as well as a beautiful soul.
– From being a contract killer in “Paralytic” to her emotional turn as the bride of her lesbian partner in “Brides To Be”, Angela is an elegant actress with a cultivated dexterity.
– Look for her to dazzle her way into our hearts yet again in the short film “The Cost Of Things” which has a poster that suggests a tangled web of intrigue.

Megan Guinan in “Love, Gina”


– Her sterling work as Rachel Finch on the series “Limitless” put the lovely Megan Guinan on the map and with rumours of Season 2 on Netflix, she’ll be in the adoring eye of the public.
– She headlines the psychological thriller “Love, Gina” and seeing how she’s a future star, this is the short film that’s deserving of ardently positive response.
– Megan’s meteoric rise should see her garnering even more plum roles on both television and film, giving her even more credence as a must follow young talent.

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