Orlando Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Becca Ayers


With her striking beauty and dynamic charm, Becca Ayers is imprinting her delightful facets on the indie genre. If you are adore statuesque actresses such as Katee Sackhoff and Cate Blanchett then include Becca in your cherished list. She stars in the entertaining film “42 Seconds of Happiness” which has swept multiple awards at numerous film festivals. Screening at this year’s Orlando Film Festival, “42 Seconds of Happiness” shifts from comedy to drama with a moving potency bolstered by the impressive ensemble cast. Becca adeptly exhibits her character Cybil’s journey from sanguine to growing strain while at a reunion of friends as secrets are exposed and unresolved tensions come to a head. Just like her cast mates, Becca intelligently improvised on the initial screenplay which added authenticity to the film.

Becca has also been eye-catching on the theatre scene regularly getting commendation for her sterling work. She’s been lauded as compelling and likeable, praised in the same breath as Annaleigh Ashford of “Masters Of Sex” fame. Don’t we all go delirious over charming blondes who have a wonderful presence on screen. I for one would love to see Becca on television. She who would be a formidable addition to the cast of any hit series right now. At this moment she’s making a vast impression on the film festival circuit so start applauding the articulate and gifted Becca Ayers.

Do visit the BECCA AYERS OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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