LAWebFest 2017 Spotlight: Ashley Brinkman

actress ashley brinkman la web fest

This weekend signifies the rise of web vixens which will see the luscious Ashley Brinkman entice netizens. She stars in “The Real Drakoolavs” which has been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at this year’s LAWEbFest. It’s a funny look at life for a family of vampires who reside at a neighbourhood in LA as they prepare fresh blood for the grooming of their youngest member Mila (Viktoria Vinyarska). Ashley plays Ingrid, Mila’s sister who is the epitome of vampish allure being the more predatory sibling. Of course things don’t quite pan out for the Drakoolavs as we find Mila falling in love with her prey instead of feasting on him. Don’t miss Ashley giving “The Real Drakoolavs” its delectably sensual bite.

With the vampire drama “The Passage” based on Justin Cronin’s fantasy book trilogy having been fast-tracked, it’s the perfect series that would hopefully see Ashley being cast in. With her being such a sweetheart, it would be ideal for a show that’s bleak in its narrative of a post-apocalyptic world that is overrun by vampires.

Horror is a genre we’ll be seeing plenty of the gorgeous Ashley and here she talks about one of her features:

I wrapped a horror film called “Knucklebones” where a group of friends conjure up a daemon by playing a board game. The demon is ruthless! I play the role of Star, a druggy who may have an unfortunate ending. The movie pays homage to 80’s horror films! It’s really cool!

actress ashley brinkman the real drakoolavs

Ashley will also appear in “The Malibu Tapes”, a found-footage horror flick to be released sometime in October that centres on a camping trip that goes sideways quickly, playing on our fears of the dark. We’ll always have a thing for up and coming enchanters such as Ashley with the devotion likely to go on for years on end.

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