Actress Spotlight: Lindsay LaVanchy


Television is on fire this whole week with talented actresses impressing us with impeccable portrayals and the endearing Lindsay LaVanchy will most certainly have our affection. She appears in the 2 Hour Halloween Special of “Scream” which is quite the bloody episode. Lindsay plays Billie the caretaker of the Whitman Mansion that has ties with the murderous legend of Anna Hobbs. Attending a get together with Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) and her friends, she reveals the story of how Anna Hobbs deadly killing spree came to be. She does have a killer line that goes ‘Why does a woman do anything? Because she wants to‘ in response to the motive of Anna’s descent into madness. Find out what happens to her character Billie as the night wears on. With her doll-like features, Lindsay contrasts favourably with Willa and Carlson Young in the cutie stakes.

She’s currently being raved about on the theatre scene for her strikingly intense performance in Tennessee Williams Baby Doll. Praiseworthy reviews include:

LaVanchy is pretty, innocent yet brazen as Baby Doll. This is a most difficult role and Lavanchy gives it her all in a luminous performance

Lindsay Lavanchy in a riveting performance as Baby Doll. She is a child, a schemer, and an awakening sexual being all in one

The arresting LaVanchy anchors this production, and not just because of her character’s four-alarm sexuality. The actress lets us witness the desperate danger of Baby Doll’s plight and the transformation from girl to woman that is taking place at the worst possible time. The character has had it rough, and it’s clear we are watching the last hours of her innocence. LaVanchy locates the fear and the deep sadness of Baby Doll

With her upcoming role that she shot for James Franco in the film “The Labyrinth”, there’s more enchantment to come from this gifted siren of the screen. In “The Labyrinth”, she plays a woman who assumes her crazy dead sister’s personality and causes a lot of trouble in the hunt for her killer. It’s time to look fondly at Lindsay as she captivates the world!

Actress Spotlight: Sandra Hinojosa


Exotic cutie Sandra Hinojosa is stirring your loins on one of the biggest television shows this week. “Shameless” has a habit of introducing the most luscious women and Sandra Hinojosa heats up the screen in the episode “Swipe, Fuck, Leave”. Her character Wilma embodies those very racy themes as she has a steamy one night stand with Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) who we know is so-called 100% gay. That’s after they’ve made googly eyes on the train. Even he can’t resist the divine appeal of the divine Sandra as will many around the world. This Sex Bomb of Hispanic/Native American descent is likely to be a sensual fixture on TV. She’s also slated to appear in the 6th episode of the sleeper hit series “Rosewood” on FOX. Her on-set Instagram Photo suggests she’s going to be quite the glamour girl!


On the web, Sandra can currently be seen in the comedy series “We’re Not Friends”. Threading horror in her upcoming film “The X-Species” is riding on the found footage wave and has an ancient predator wreaking havoc on an archaeological expedition team. While Sandra is enlivening multiple forms of media, it won’t be long before Sandra enraptures us as one of TV’s Sexiest Starlets.