Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 23 Feb 2015


1. Sarah Booth in “Helix”


– From embodying the indie princess and now a sci-fi vixen, Sarah exudes a beguiling essence that’s certain to leave us engrossed.
– “The Scarehouse” showcased just how riveting she can be with her portrayal as a maniacal revenge seeker one that even the Joker would be proud of,
– Currently guest-starring as Sister Olivia in the second season of Helix, she did cause a ripple by stabbing Dr Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes)!

2. Hannah Barefoot in “All the Wilderness”


– Hannah is a photogenic charmer with the innate ability to make us laugh and leave us enthralled on screen or sometimes both at the same time!
– She’s been lauded as being full of exuberant personality in her role as Crystal in “All The Wilderness” who shows James (Kodi Smit-McPhee) a world he never thought existed.
– As she evolves into a much coveted indie darling, Hannah consistently crafts the emotional aspects of the characters she plays with an engaging finesse.

3. Melody Melendez in “Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West”


– Melody has the serene beauty very much in the same vein as actresses such as Amy Acker which is a trait we simply adore.
– She adds warmth as Candace in “Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West”, the woman who does her bit to save the career of a street performer who works with animals.
– Having already graced the prestigious Dances With Film in 2014, it won’t be long before she’s dazzling up even more film festivals.

4. Michelle Tomlinson & Paula LaBaredas in “Axe To Grind”

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– Here are the 2 of the most tempting women to make their mark in the independent horror genre and star in “Axe To Grind”, both of their characters being harshly labelled as bimbos by horror icon Debbie Rochon (playing an aging Scream Queen) in the bloody “Axe To Grind”.
– Notable for her outstanding performance in the “The Cellar Door”, Michelle has expanded into more dramatic roles in keeping with her merits as a versatile talent.
– Ever the blonde bombshell, Paula is not just known for her exceptional sensuality, she’s also capable of sizzling the world of comedic sketches.

Latin Vixen: Mariann Gavelo

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A visual sensation, Mariann Gavelo is about to entice a generation especially in this week when the world has been bewitched by Latin faces who are equally accomplished. With her sensual derrière that draws the eyes and could outfoxed even the lady lumps of one Kim Kardashian or even Iggy Azalea, Mariann is ensuring Latin Fever is here to stay! Jennifer Lopez is winning audiences as a saucy object of obsession in her latest venture “The Girl Next Door” even fending off Johnny Depp at the box office. Miss Colombia Paulina Vega who was arguably given the toughest question by the judges has triumphed as this year’s Miss Universe. Peruvian Beauty Mariann herself may soon be mesmerizing us into submission as she can be seen in “Entertainment” which screens at Sundance 2015 in which she plays a rather interesting character known as Sitcom Maria. Sundance may be the mecca for everything indie but we are more than happy to celebrate the very appealing Mariann.

With “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” returning for its 10th Season, we can reminisce and remember Mariann as one of the hottest women to have graced the hit show. Credit must go to Rob McElhenney for giving us the best of two worlds, funny and hot talents who keep it sprightly with each episode. Mariann has been in several sketches and she’s also appeared alongside Will Ferrell in “Casa de mi Padre” where he makes a 360 degree switch culturally by turning into a Mexican Rancher. They say what’s wrong with being sexy if a woman can make us laugh as well as Mariann has shown with her knack for improv. I certainly got the meaning of the word “Osculate” (see her hot video above) rather quickly…:) It’s still January and we can’t wait to see Mariann sizzle our world even more!

You most definitely want to keep up with all the juicy updates at the MARIANN GAVELO OFFICIAL SITE.