Foxy Femme: Brigitte Graham


The Goddesses of the indie world are glowing with verve this week and the enticing Brigitte Graham is certainly a treasured watch. She stars in “Black Widows” as Nora who together with her friends Olivia and Darcy take revenge on the rapist who violated Darcy. Sprinkled with dark humour, “Black Widows” dials down its disturbing themes and puts the spotlight on revenge-seeking girls who happen to be a bundle of fun. Available online at iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Video, “Black Widows” is a must-watch retribution tale that will make many a viewer chuckle. Such are the persuasive talents of the movie’s leading ladies and Brigitte excels in the persona of a femme fatale as well as a comedienne. Kudos to director Venita Ozols-Graham for delightfully meshing the heavy and the hearty into this enjoyable ride. Fronted by sirens Brigitte who together with Jordan Elizabeth Goettling (Darcy) and Shelby Kocee (Olivia) have such an endearing chemistry.


A natural blonde, Brigitte sports a darker shade in “Black Widows” and as a striking brunette she’s definitely endowed with an abundance of sensuality. Brigitte is also riding high on the festival circuit with “Used Body Parts”, a survival horror short set at a gas station. Having recently made her theatrical stage debut in the Los Angeles production of ‘Spike Heels’, she’s very much on the radar of approval. Get ready to be exhilarated by the fabulous lusciousness of the beautiful Brigitte Graham.

Rising Starlet: Suteara Vaughn


The stunning Suteara Vaughn is a Thai-American Vixen everyone should know about as she’s imbuing the small screen with her illuminating hotness. Recently guest starring in “Animal Kingdom” which has been described as a hyper-edgy, wild ride, she’s potently a sensual vision. Plus it’s always awesome to see an Asian actress flying the flag for diversity which the entertainment industry seriously needs to ramp up!

Here’s Suteara giving a tease of her many thrilling projects on the horizon:

Ok so on to Animal Kingdom. I play Moriah in episode 7. I meet both younger brothers Deran and Craig at their family pool party. I don’t want to give away the surprising details but you can tune in on TNT. I also have a part in 2016 Sundance selection Frank & Lola. I play Sage. And got a scene with the amazing Michael Shannon. This movie should hit theaters this Fall. Last but not least. I am currently recurring on the showtime hit show Shameless. I can’t give you any further details cuz I’m in contract but we are currently filming now and the cast and crew are THE Best!

Can’t wait to sneak a peek at Suteara’s story arc as her character Ariel on “Shameless” which is an amazingly memorable series many around the world are shamelessly obsessed with. The curvaceous and sensual Suteara will no doubt spice up every episode of “Shameless” she’s slated to be on! She’s also an emerging indie actress with her appearance on “Frank and Lola” and there’s more of her to come in the near future. Suteara may well be headlining her own TV show someday in the vein of Constance Wu of “Fresh Off the Boat” fame and we would surely find her most appealing.