Sizzling Women To Crave @ Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest 2016


Jessica Jade Andres in “Trunk Space”

actress jessica jade andres like a rolling stone

– In “Trunk Space”, be entranced by the spunky Jessica Jade Andres who shines as Anna, a woman who unwittingly picks up a drifter in this riveting story full of unpredictable twists.
– Jessica is currently getting rave reviews for her resonating portrayal in the play “Kentucky” as Hiro, an angry daughter scarred by abuse who returns home from New York.
– This Filipino American beauty is effortlessly easy on the eyes and having fascinated us on multiple platforms, she could well be a sought after talent in the months ahead.

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Caroline Heinle, Deirdre Lorenz, Deborah Twiss & Jean Louise O’Sullivan in “Into The Outbreak”

actress caroline heinle into the outbreak

– Caroline Heinle is the female lead of “Into The Outbreak” and her warm personality makes her an ideal, relatable heroine of a zombie apocalypse.
– Best known for her breakout role as the super bitch Mira in the romantic comedy “Broken Gardenias”, she was also recently a fascinating face in the vigilante horror flick “Joker’s Wild”.
– Her distinctive curly locks and luminous smile is sure to fill our hearts with fervor for the exquisite Caroline, a genuine talent on the rise.

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actress deirdre lorenz into the outbreak

– Deirdre Lorenz is the captivating star of the zombie trilogy which begins with “Surviving The Outbreak” followed by “After The Outbreak” and then “Into The Outbreak”.
– She plays Sarah, a survivor who is part of the group that encounter the initial infection in what has become a dangerous world even for those that have retained their humanity
– With her exuberant sex appeal, Deirdre is the rare breed of actress with a most striking sensuality whether she’s a blonde, brunette or redhead on screen.

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actress deborah twiss into the outbreak

– Deborah Twiss is certifiably one of indie film’s sexiest actress and the ravishing actress/producer/writer is an accomplished talent both on as well as off screen
– While she’s an alluring mainstay in horror films such as “Into The Outbreak”, she’s just as intriguing as a dramatic and comedic actress so it’s warranted to be smitten with her.
– Don’t miss the sultry Deborah heating up the screen as Abigail, an unfulfilled married woman who enters into a steamy affair with a handsome stranger in “A Beautiful Distraction”.

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actress jamie bernadette face of evil

– A nubile starlet of the indie scene, Jean Louise O’Sullivan is consistently mesmerizing in horror films and she’ll rapturously entice us in “Into The Outbreak” too.
– Don’t miss her in “Sorority Slaughterhouse”, the creepy indie flick that sees a group of sorority girls being terrorized by a killer clown doll ala “Chucky” meets “IT” !
– She is starring in the dramedy “Kate Can’t Swim” which is premiering at Slamdance 2017 alongside Zosia Mamet of “Girls” fame so expect big things from this most lovely actress.

The Must Watch Actresses This Christmas Season 2016 – Part 1


Melia Renee in “Uncle Nick”

actress melia renee uncle nick

– Melia Renee is delightfully seductive as Valerie in the humour-filled dark comedy “Uncle Nick” establishing herself as a scene stealer we will intensely admire in a heartbeat.
– With her festive comedy now on Netflix, she sizzles up the Christmas Holidays as the flirtatious step-niece who teases the boorish Uncle Nick (Brian Posehn).
– Just have a glimpse of Melia in the trailer (above) of the indie short film “Elephants” and be hypnotized by her camera-ready exquisiteness.

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Sylvia Jefferies in “Christmas in Homestead”

actress sylvia jefferies christmas in homestead

– She is appearing in “Christmas In Homestead” as Barbara, an actress on a movie shoot at Christmas-obsessed Homestead, Iowa with Jessica McEllis (Taylor Cole), a famous celeb.
– The luminous Sylvia Jefferies is famed for her role as the drug addled Jolene Barnes (mum to Hayden Panetierre’s Juliette) who has a tragic story arc on “Nashville”.
– Effortlessly inviting with a tinge of sassy sensuality, Sylvia has lit up the both the television and film worlds with her vim when playing women in complicated lives.

Diane Robin in “Holiday Breakup”

actress diane robin holiday breakup

– Since the luscious Diane Robin is getting plenty of love on this blog, it’s a must to have her on this hot list and she’s a definite vixen from head to toe.
– Not only does Diane have the eye-catching feminine curves, she’s also a fantastic comedienne having impressed us with her spunk in family comedy “Dating Daisy”.
– In “Holiday Breakup”, catch her amiable luminosity alongside Manon Mathews and Katie Leclerc in an ‘opposite attracts’ love story made for Christmas.

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Carrie Genzel in “Season’s Greetings”

actress carrie genzel season's greetings

– The saucy Carrie Genzel takes on the persona of Taylor Armstrong in “Season’s Greetings” as she and Laura Bell Bundy represent the naughty and nice of Christmas.
– Impressively diverse on screen, Carrie is the bad girl of the festive piece who treats Laura’s character Darcy Blake with quite the extreme disdain.
– Do watch her in the episode “Just My Imagination” from the hit series “Supernatural” as she’s such a hysterical watch as the clueless Linda Berman opposite the Winchester Boys.

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Susie Abromeit in “A Perfect Christmas”

actress susie abromeit a perfect christmas

– Susie Abromeit exudes a comely sweetness as she has shown playing Pam in “Jessica Jones” and this ex-lesbian lover of Jeri (Carrie-Anne Moss) may yet return for Season 2.
– In the comedy “A Perfect Christmas”, she will bring a smile to our faces as Cynthia Faber, one half of a newlywed couple with an impending secret that could ruin Christmas.
– Having also had a recurring role as Zoe Roth, a pharmaceutical representative, Susie is establishing herself as one of TV’s most appealing darlings.

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Miranda Frigon in “A Cookie Cutter Christmas”

actress miranda frigon a cookie cutter christmas

– Miranda Frigon should already be notable as Canada’s Sex Symbol as well as a sought after talent on account of the captivating run she’s had on both television and film.
– Famed for her role on “Heartland” and most recently the TV Movie franchise “An Aurora Teagarden Mystery”, she is one of the jewels of the Canadian film industry and the world.
– She’ll dazzle alongside Catherine Keener and Jeanne Tripplehorn in the upcoming drama “Little Pink House” but do catch her ringing up the Christmas spirit in “A Cookie Cutter Christmas”.

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