Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 9 Nov 2015


1. Carolyn Stotesbery in “Agent X”


– Carolyn is the newest Goddess of TV who is joining forces with ’90s Goddess Sharon Stone who plays a Vice President in the new series “Agent X” hitting screens this week.
– She was a scene stealer in a crimson Kimono-inspired dress on the red carpet of the TNT premiere of “Agent X” and we know this ravishing blonde will be a certified sizzler as Pamela Richardson, love interest of John Case aka Agent X.
– From indie darling to TV Vixen, Carolyn is a consummate talent who flourishes in roles of varying capacity, making an indelible mark as an actress to covet.

2. Brynn Alexander & Tjasa Ferme in “Dutch Kills”

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– There’s nothing better in the world than being able to appreciate 2 swoon-worthy women who have an indelible magnetism on the indie scene.
– Actress, Model and Singer Brynn Alexander has all the makings of an covetable indie starlet who could well be a desirable leading lady for the long term.
– Slovenian-born actress Tjasa Ferme has the European allure who also has one of the most beautiful smiles in the biz and she’s always a vision of genuine radiance.

3. Jolene Kay in “Grey’s Anatomy”

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– We can’t stop having a thing for blue-eyed blondes and the very comely Jolene is on course to be endorsed as a darling of the small screen.
– Check her out in “Grey’s Anatomy” alongside Ellen Pompeo as she dishes out the great reveal of her character Astrid, the religious choir director who happens to be on a sex tape!
– With an upcoming appearance on the spinoff series “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”, she has bags of sensual appeal to mesmerise couch potatoes into fancying her in droves.

4. Gema Celaro, Maria Olsen and Julie Kendall in “Agoraphobia”

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– This year Gema was breath-taking as the gorgeous stripper Suzie in the thrilling “Swingers Anonymous” and she returns in enticing fashion once more in “Agorophobia”. As Nina who is tasked with caring the tormented Faye (Cassie Scerbo), her intentions may just be duplicitous.
– Notable Genre Actress Maria Olsen lends her impeccable knack for all things horror-related as she stars as Margie, Faye’s boozy aunt. With a full slate of projects all the way to 2017, she’s very much in the adoring eyes of fans.
– It may have been a supporting role for Julie Kendall as the gold-digger Elizabeth but she delivers entracing moments with one reviewer wishing we got to see more of her. She’s a genuine vixen

Foxy Femme: Jennifer Dorogi


The beautiful and fascinating Jennifer Dorogi is likely to garner passionate fervour as she makes her mark in indie cinema. In all her luscious glory with her leading role in “Martian Land”, Jennifer is on course to sparkle with an enigmatic allure that’s thoroughly sensual. This multi-faceted performer of Hungarian/Vietnamese descent could well be one of the sexiest women in sci-fi and the plaudits should start pouring in. “Martian Land” will see her play Miranda, one of the colonists on Mars who has to save the remnants of humanity from a dangerous storm. One has to love the assertiveness of Miranda and Jennifer adeptly essays her character with an air of authority yet never forgetting the act of compassion. This will more than pique our interest on her upcoming projects.

Jennifer’s sculpted cheekbones and intense grace are a cert for anyone to cultivate a healthy infatuation. We can now see why she’s also a style and beauty expert, indeed an enticing glamour girl with the drive to challenge herself in everything she does. It’s true that beauty requires discipline and likewise she’s applied it to her craft. Jennifer has such enchanting poise, it’s as if she was born to shine in the field of entertainment.

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