SOHO International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Debra Markowitz

director debra markowitz the waiting room soho international film festival 2017

The world is already in admiration of women film-makers which will augur well for the accomplished Debra Markowitz as she makes her mark at this year’s SOHO International Film Fest. She’s the director, producer and writer of the fascinating short film “The Waiting Room” that deals with love in the afterlife and will be moving hearts. “The Waiting Room” centres on Janet (Jennifer Jiles) who is waiting for her husband in heaven only to find that he’s with his current wife Ann (Heather Brittain O’Scanlon) in tow. Tensions soon arise as the two women vie for his affection.

Thanks to the polished direction of Debra where she accentuates “The Waiting Room” with heartrending and opportune moments of humour, viewers will gravitate towards this tale of human relations set beyond death. Kudos to her consummate leading ladies Jennifer and Heather for their portrayals which run the gamut of sensitive emotions to an almost caustic catfight. “The Waiting Room” is in line for much acclaim which would add to Debra’s stature in film-making having won multiple accolades for her feature “By Blood” and the zom-com short “The Last Taxi Driver” which till know is gaining plaudits on the festival circuit.

Here’s the gracious Debra revealing more about her inspirations in creating “The Waiting Room” and her extensive list of upcoming projects:

As far as my inspiration: Jennifer Jiles, whom I had won award with at other festivals, contacted me and asked me to direct a 72 Hour Challenge. I looked at the actors she had in mind, saw that they could act, and then added two actors I wanted to work with. I basically looked at them all together, and the story seemed to form. We needed the theme “Unity” from the AGR Artists Group challenge, and it all feel into place. So the actors themselves, and their strengths, really is what gave birth to The Waiting Room.

My newest projects: My film, Leaving, which has won multiple awards for Best Director, Best Short, Best Actress, Best Story, just became available on Vimeo on Demand, at

A short I directed, Chosen, will soon be submitted to film festivals –

I just completed writing a cowboy romance called Porter’s Way, which is in the hand of investors. I’m writing a horror feature for another producer, called Far Beyond Driven.
I am fundraising for the pilot for a series, Couple of Guys –

I cast and produced a feature film, Dinosaur, directed by written by Fred Carpenter. It stars Joan Jett, Ciarán Sheehan (Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera), Ed Asner, Robert Clohessy and Chuck Zito.

AND I have two shorts to hopefully film this summer, Date with a Narcissist and Brothers. My film, By Blood, will be finishing up with a screening at the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival where it’s nominated for Best Ensemble, Best Ensemble, Best Short and Best Director. Then will be on Vimeo on Demand in about a month, along with my first film, The Last Taxi Driver.

director debra markowitz soho international film festival 2017

On top of being a director, writer, producer and casting director, she’s also one of the founders of the Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) going its 20th year this coming July 13th to 20th. As indie film fans, can’t wait to see what the multi-faceted Debra has in store at the wonderful festival.

Here’s the links where viewers can connect with Debra:

Writer/Director/Producer: Debra Markowitz
Production Company: Intention Films and Media, LLC.
Instagram: @debramarkowitzfilm
Twitter @debramarkowitz

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