Austin Revolution Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Meissa Hampton

actress meissa hampton austin revolution film festival 2017

We do adore our multi-faceted women of entertainment and the stunning Meissa Hampton is an actor, writer, filmmaker and artist well merited for admiration. She stars in “Looking for the Jackalope” as Jennifer Lewis, an old college sweetheart of protagonist Jordan Sterling (Michael Leydon Campbell) who hopes to re-connect with her at their college reunion. The film is nominated for the award of Feature Comedy at this year’s Austin Revolution Film Fest ensuring Meissa and the cast will be garnering our attention. Her poise and beauty is undeniable and it’s fitting to see her playing such a winsome love interest.

Meissa has already won multiple ‘Best Lead Actress’ awards for her sterling performances in films such as “Uptown”, “Modern Times” and many more. The subtlety she can employ when taking on diverse roles has seen her getting raved for being the kind of talent one doesn’t come by every day. Living and breathing all things indie, Meissa has the magnetic presence that is becoming of a siren of independent cinema. Her activism to promote artistic excellence having been a founding member of the Indie’s Lab, NYC and the Urban Artists Collective should sway us into admiring her even further. Many of us will agree that she ranks as an inspirational figure and we already can’t wait to see more of the mesmerising Meissa.

actress meissa hampton looking for the jackalope

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