Indie Princess: Lindsay Goranson




There’s a beguiling subtlety in the way LINDSAY GORANSON portrays various characters in her career yet she’s able to be considerably breathtaking each time. In the flesh of the seductress Estelle from “Sweets” which is said to be the most perverse segment from “The Theatre Bizarre”, LINDSAY is Psychedelic Horror’s leading lady enticing men into the arms of bloodthirsty cult of females. Just like Emma Roberts from “Scream 4”, don’t you love it when the females have the upper hand when it comes to wanton killing! Whether she meant to or not, seeing LINDSAY channeling the spirit of Bette Davis from the classic “Whatever Happen To Baby Jane” on the promo cover of the Montreal Mirror is both creepily impactful and jarringly bewitching. The pic of her in deranged doll make-up licking a bleeding heart (above) has disturbing brilliance written all over that will unmistakably leave horror fans eating out of her hands. Praises have come from many quarters for her instinctive onscreen talents.

The thrills keep on coming as LINDSAY is set to star in the survival horror of “The Blinds” set at a high stakes poker game as well the gripping “Caveat”. The latter, a classic battle of wits between five sisters over a family inheritance and the engrossing teaser suggests that LINDSAY could very well play the most maniacal sibling of them all. She has also kept me posted on a more revealing trailer in the works and that spookiness will be a huge part of this psychological thriller. The informative LINDSAY GORANSON OFFICIAL SITE is the best way to keep up to date on the many exciting films she’s part of. LINDSAY’s forays into features of compelling note will be watched with avid interest in 2011, what will be a busy year for this gifted actress.

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